Friday, March 24, 2006

Hectic Days

I know I have been awful about blogging. This has probably been my toughest term at MIT time-wise. I am currently taking four classes, all of which have us working in groups. Scheduling for these have been absolute hell. Here is a listing of my groups so you can see the variety of names:

PDD - Rachael, Biju, Paul (all work full-time), and now three others, including Nhan
Disruptive Tech - Rajiv, Kevin (works full-time), and three Sloanies
System Safety - Paul, Maggie (both work full-time)
System Optimization - Joe, John (both work full-time)

As you can guess, with the majority of us working pretty regular hours, getting in all this work has not been easy. In addition, most of the tasks for all these projects have been very difficult to divide, unlike other terms.


Rajiv Ramaratnam said...

Think positive. You are getting your reprieve till the end of next week. For many of us, campus folk, its going to be a continuation of the daily grind. Have a great spring break.

Mane the Mean said...

Just enjoy. Being in MIT can be time of your life.

At least it was for me.