Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't boo Canada =(

Sharks fans booed during the Canadian National Anthem prior to an NHL playoff game. Sooo absolutely disgusting.

It brings back a good memory though: after the Montreal Canadiens booed during the our National Anthem, the series was coming back to Boston. All of the news outlets in Boston (never ones to blow things out of proportion of course) were worried about the reaction of the Bruins fans. However, the fans made everybody look great by cheering loudly during the anthem. Ironically, they still drowned out the sound of the anthem with their cheers (not sure if that was on purpose or not).

In other sports news, both of my fantasy baseball teams fell a place this week, the spike sharpeners from 2nd to 3rd out of 6, and the dirt dogs plus one from 1st to 2nd out of 10. I have been too busy to manage either team thus far, and realized on Sunday that I had Pedro on the bench for one of those teams. He is the 2nd most valuable player OVERALL throughout that league, behind only Pujols. And he was on my bench because I hadn't checked since his first-week-of-the-season injury. Grrrr. He's in now, so be ready 2006 DD Reunion League!!!

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