Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Pay it Forward" - Not a Happy Movie

Okay, if you haven't seen this movie yet and want to, do not read this entry. Of course, I would highly recommend NOT seeing it.

Last night I was futzing about, baking cookies (yes, you read right), cleaning, talking on the phone, and avoiding my thesis. For the more mundane tasks, I wanted background noise, so I noticed that TiVo had picked up "Pay it Forward" as one of its suggestions.

I see very few movies in the theatre, so usually know a lot about a movie before I watch it at home (as it is usually a few years old). For some reason, I had only heard good things about this movie. It made a nice little backdrop to my tasks. Some parts of it were cheesy, but whatcha gonna do with a feelgood flick??

THEN THE KID DIES. What the hell? I was so mad. There was no reason for him to die saving his friend from getting his butt kicked. Yes, I saw the obvious martyrdom/new religion themes, but sad! Afterwards, I had to watch "Dumbo" to perk myself back up. Nothing like a big-eared elephant in an antiquated Disney film with questionably-valued birds to make a girl smile....

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