Saturday, October 07, 2006

Party at Bob's, Football game at UNH, No more Baseball....

This weekend started off with a party at Bob's in which much pong was played. It was great to see everyone (and to play pong, of course). Fernando and I were kicking butt for a while. =) The one hour I had planned on staying quickly turned into many more. Hence the thesis writing now =)

Today, I went to the UNH game with my parents. Considering the last football games I have gone to have been Florida State-Clemson (yeah, I need to blog about this...thanks again Dan), Bucs-Pats, and Miami-Florida State, I wasn't expecting much. However, the stadium was small but packed. We saw a dude break Jerry Rice's touchdown catch record. 'Twas exciting.

I was pretty surprised to see that the UNH fans didn't know when to be loud or quiet. UNH had a third and goal and the fans were screaming and banging on the stands. Dude! Not right! Anyhow, UNH (#1 in 1AA) beat Richmond (#4 in 1AA). It was a good game and a great day...and now I'm procrastinating doing the thesis writing I had planned to do last night, back when I figured I'd stay at Bob's for just an hour... =D

Also, it being the end of the baseball season (for us Sox fans, and hopefully the Yankees ones too after today's game), it is time for me to reread (and hence post) one of my all-time favorite pieces of prose:
Giamatti's Green Fields of the Mind. It's gorgeous, especially when read outloud.

Bye, Fenway, for another year....

Okay, back to the thesis this time, I swear!

(Awww...but Dan and I look so happy and summery! I can't possibly do work now...hmmm...what else to do...)

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