Monday, July 17, 2006

Who'sh a bad blogger?

I am!

Quick update:
In the last few weeks, I have kept very busy with my new job at Car Gurus, travel, and school. I am LOVING my is so much fun.

On the travel front, I visited my dear friends Kellie and Allen and their daughter Payton down in Raleigh. I've also been to the beach up here a couple of times.

Other things sucking up my spare time have included driving in Boston. Since the tunnel collapse, traffic has been unreal. One thing that has struck me as ironic is that drivers in other sections of the Big Dig are driving more slowly than usual. Personally, I just want to get the hell out of that place as quickly as possible. Not quite sure what the slow-driving logic is, but I am trying to zip through the poorly built hole in the ground.

Now I'm in Supply Chain class, the second-to-last class of my last required course here at MIT.


Jim Anchower said...

Car Gurus? I thought you were at Nimalex.

Eve said...

Its nice to have you back!

Ilana said...

Yeah man. They are one and the same. Nimalex is the parent company, and CarGurus is our website.

Keith said...

And people wonder why I'm happy that I'm not in Boston anymore....