Friday, June 09, 2006

TRIZ lives!

I was shocked to see an article on TRIZ in BusinessWeek. I remember learning about TRIZ in class, and wondering who would ever use it. Can't remember which class or when, but I definitely learned about it.


Cybersam said...

You are kidding me. You can't remember TRIZ!!! ;-)

Oh well...

Where: System Engineering and System Architecture
When: IAP, Summer, and Fall of 2005
What: A methodology for generating innovative idea. It is actually quite useful.

Don't reject TRIZ just yet. Be open-minded about it. Whether one likes it or not, it is a tool that may be useful one day. ;-)

Yoav said...

Please do let us know when you've actually used it ;)

Cybersam said...

I think it is travesty to think of every concept strictly as a tool and then reject it outright on the basis on that there will be no useful application of it in one's immediate work context.

Sure, I don't claim to use TRIZ in my work. But there's a take-away from the TRIZ framework: there is a way that one can integrate contradictory attributes into a system or product.