Saturday, December 23, 2006


I apologize for my lack of writing (and for the fluff-filled entries when I have been writing as of late). =)

I originally started this blog to write about my experiences in the SDM program at MIT. I finished my last class this summer, and submitted my thesis on November 22. School has therefore been effectively over for me for some time now.

On the same day I submitted my thesis, Dan proposed to me. I accepted, and we are now engaged to be married (no date set). I will be moving to Sarasota, Florida next week.

SOoooo...things have been busy! Once I am in Sarasota, I will get to a wrap-up post.

Happy Holidays and New Year, everybody! =)


Anonymous said...


That's great news!

Congratulations and good luck,
- Pat

Anonymous said...

Schmom. I just heard about your web fame, and impending move and marriage. Congrats!

Blitz me sometime if you think of it. I've moved in the opposite direction - to Concord NH.


Anonymous said...


I got married last Oct:). I moved to Seattle now, enjoy the views here.


Eve said...

i'm ready for the update!
miss you already!

Mane the Mean said...


Mane the Mean said...

Any news?

Did you get lost on the way to Florida?